Adult Learning - Course Outline

Introduction – Malcolm Knowles: The Father of Adult Learning

1. 30 Things We Know About Adult Learning
2. Learning Principles
3. Principles of Adult Learning
4. Meeting Adult Learners Needs
5. How the Brain Works
6. Difference Between Children and Adult Learners
7. Listen Before You Learn
> 8. Adults and Learning: Leading To Water
9. Emotional Intelligence
10. Communicating With Adult Learners
11. Seven Characteristics of Highly Effective Adult Learning Programs
12. How to Read/Use Training Courses
13. Why Training Doesn’t Work
14. Ten Myths about Instructor Training
15. Traditional Education vs. What Works
16. You Know More Than You Think You Know
17. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
18. The Tao of Learning
19. Life Long Learning For Business
20. Creating an Effective Training Course

Exercise 1: Break into groups of three and take turns analyzing the two adult learners.

Exercise 2: Develop a plan of action for training the adult learners in one area of your business or technology.

Exercise 3: Develop a training course outline for one area of your business or technology.

Exercise 4: Practice training part of the previous outline to two adult learners.