Change Management- Course Outline

I. Organizational Change Overview
a. What is Organizational Change?
b. What Provokes Organizational Change?
c. Why is Organization-wide Change Difficult to Accomplish?
d. How is Organizational-wide Change Best Carried Out?
e. General Guidelines to Organization-wide Change.

II. Current Trends in Designing Change Strategies
a. Real Time Strategic Change, Lewin Theory, Outside-in Theory
b. 10 Steps to a Learning Organization.
c. The Nimble Organization.
d. Implementation Architecture
e. S.W.O.T. Analysis

III. Resistance to Change
a. Coping with Change – Resilience
b. Human Factor – Patterns of Transition
c. Chaos vs. Change – Assimilation Resources
d. Conflict Resolution in Change

IV. Change Strategies
a. Technology Change
b. Needs Assessment
c. Resource Management
d. Constraint Change – Unconstrained Results
e. Keys to Mastering Change

V. Leadership Role in Change
a. Change Agent and the Change Champion
b. 10 Sure Ways to Fail as a Change Agent
c. Decision Making
d. Bottom-line Management
e. 7 Rules of a Transition Manager
f. 7 Classic Skills for Leaders
g. Corporate Culture
h. The Five Essentials of Team Building

VI. Plan of Change
a. The Change Process – Identify, strategize, plan, implement, evaluate, and adjust.
b. A Method to Managing Transition
c. The 10 Challenges of Change
d. Challenges of System-wide Redesign and Rethinking
e. Why Organizational Change Fails
f. The Role of Bottom Line Management in Change