Marketing and Sales


Marketing and Sales is the main line to a financial income. If you wink at someone in the dark, you know you winked but no one else has any idea you winked. If you have the right product/service, other companies must know that you have the right product/service for them. How do you inform those companies that you have the answer to their need?

ECHENT’s marketing consultation encompasses the activities involved in anticipating, managing, and satisfying demand via the exchange process. Included are all facets of the buyer/seller relationship. Specific marketing activities include environment analysis, marketing research, broadening an organizations scope, consumer analysis, product planning, distribution planning, promotion planning, price planning and marketing management.

ECHENT will help your organization with sales analysis, sales strategy and sales reporting. We want to help your company’s sales revenue increase over the next six months. ECHENT can help you develop and implement a sales plan that will help your company reach its revenue potential. We will also assist your sales staff in sales training and focusing their sales effort.

If your organization desires more effective marketing or is not bringing in the income desired, let ECHENT help you strategically develop your marketing campaigns. Marketing and sales will take your organization from one point of business to the next. Get There with ECHENT.