Organizational Culture


Organizational culture is a hidden roadblock that restricts managers and employees from the ability to grow and change. Organizational culture indicates the climate and practices that organizations develop around handling their people and refer to the espoused values and credo of an organization.

ECHENT’s organizational culture approach teaches managers and employees the norms and practices of another culture to prepare them to interact with people from that culture effectively. This culture change supports them in building more effective work models and systems. We help identify the culture, undo the negative culture and create the desired culture.

ECHENT will help your organization prepare managers and employees to gain a genuine appreciation for the culture they are about to encounter. We want to help your company’s cultural development apply to your current organizational attitude without losing the company’s desire to grow and change. We will empower companies, with multiple operations, to support the succeeding process without losing their individual personalities.

If your organization needs a change in culture due to an impact by expedient growth or is forced to undergo rapid change, ECHENT can work with your company to make the transition as smooth as possible. This culture change could be through a change in management/leadership, acquisition, purchase or many other culture modifications. Call ECHENT to help your department or organization get through the cultural impact smoothly and confidently. Culture modification can take your organization from one point of business to the next business level. Get There with ECHENT.