Strategic Planning


Strategic planning is the foundation within every successful business. It can be the most overlooked step in organizational growth because of the non-concrete facets involved in the planning process. Organizations that prioritize the strategic planning step within their vision and mission will succeed 10 to 1 over organizations that do not put strategic planning at the top of their priority list.

The distinctive characteristics of strategic planning are at 3 levels.

1) Corporate

2) Business

3) Functional

Other areas we deal in are the formality of strategic planning, aligning the strategy makers with the strategy formula and strategy implementation. We take strategic planning from the company mission statement through a model of strategic management to the end of strategic control and continuous process improvement.

ECHENT will help your organization create a strategic plan based on your company’s bottom line. Strategic planning will center your company on a course of preparation for managed structure. A strategic plan builds a solid foundation so your company can always turn to this strong ally. The strategic plan is one of the three supporting structures under your company’s success: 1) Mission/Vision, 2)Strategic Plan, 3)Resources.

All organizations need a strategic plan to confirm that the path they are following stays in touch with the company’s true goals. If an organization deters from that true path, the cost to the company can be enormous.

If your company does not have a formal strategic plan, ECHENT can work with you in placing your company on the top of the financial heroes list. Strategic planning through ECHENT can put your company on the path to greater successes than ever before. Get There with ECHENT.