Train the Trainer


Training on every level of an organization is crucial. From soft skills training to technology training, a successful organization has a strong infrastructure of training. Most corporate professionals today will agree that a healthy and growing organization has ongoing training in every area of business life. Everyone in the organization will need training for an area of his or her job at some point in time. How will your trainers meet that challenge? Do you have a training department that evaluates and assesses needs for training? How well is your training delivered?

ECHENT will help your organization's trainers become the best at what they do. It's a myth that those who do something well are good at training others to do the same. They are many skills and talents that need to be incorporated and utilized when training adults in any area of learning. The methods employed by our third grade teacher no longer are effective for training adults and actually will do more harm and prevent adult learning. ECHENT's consultants are experts in adult learning and corporate training. We provide consultation in every area of training: needs assessment, trainer evaluation, curriculum development and evaluation, training development and evaluation, and train the trainer skill development.

If your organization needs effective training or wants top-level trainers let ECHENT help you get where you want to be. Your trainers' abilities will take your organization from one point of business to the next. Get There with ECHENT.